The Bettering Democracy Project Partners

Concordia University

As the host institution, Concordia University supports this project both financially and in-kind. The project's goals are a clear and perfect fit to all three domains of excellence that fall within the “Person and Society” research cluster of its Strategic Research Plan: "Development and Well-Being of the Person across the Lifespan", "Culture, History and Identity" and "Humans Systems and Organizations".

Abacus Data

A "full service Canadian polling, public opinion, and market research firm" Abacus Data has agreed to partner on this project, providing their expertise on the design, planning and implementation of each of the extensive survey instruments deployed country wide as well as within different territories and social groups.

Elections Ontario

Canada's largest provincial election agency, Elections Ontario, "a non-partisan office of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario", has recently joined our project team and will contribute to this endeavor by sharing their extensive knowledge of provincial election management and their unique vision that aims to "put electors first".


Other Partners

Each of Canada's other provincial and territorial election agencies has been invited to participate in this project and nearly all have expressed interest in the development of a partnership under the banner of the "Bettering Canadian Democracy" project.


The involvement of each of these agencies will ensure that this study takes into account the many contextual insights and varied front-line experiences derived from managing Canada's federal, provincial, and municipal elections. The goals of this involvement include, among others, a determination to develop more viable solutions and implementation strategies for bettering Canadian democracy.

Elections Canada

As a supporting partner on this project, Elections Canada has agreed in principle to join our project table in order to contribute their own significant first hand knowledge and experience managing elections across all provinces and territories. They will assist Dr. Kanji and his team by providing advice and other possible support on the objectives relating to Elections Canada's mandate.


Elections British Columbia

The first electoral agency to partner on this project, Elections British Columbia, will contribute by offering their front-line experience and expertise to help develop a study that will lead to a clearer and more elaborate understanding of Canadians' orientations toward democracy now and for the future as well as help guide this project to the creation of viable policy recommendations and solutions.


Directeur général des élections du Québec

Quebec's election agency, Directeur général des élections du Québec, "is independent, neutral, impartial and non-partisan". As a supporting partner on this project, the DGEQ will contribute by sharing their extensive knowledge of provincial election management, providing advance and support on the project's objectives that relate to electoral activities in Quebec.

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